Over time seconds become time. – Werner Mitsch

Collection of objects

The “German Watch Museum Glashütte – Nicolas G. Hayek” foundation maintains, archives, categorises and preserves all kinds of artefacts from Glashütte watchmaking history. The collection includes pocket watches, pendulum clocks and wristwatches, marine chronometers, tools, measuring instruments and precision mechanics products. The worldwide significance of the German School of Watchmaking in Glashütte, founded in 1878 by Moritz Grossmann, continues to be maintained through written material, certificates of completion and pupils’ work.

Selected objects from the collection

The collection of the “German Watch Museum Glashütte – Nicolas G. Hayek” foundation includes many objects that are not always accessible to the public. This overview offers an initial impression of what the collection holds and is being expanded bit by bit, to allow a comprehensive look at the collection.