Time become space here

Permanent exhibition

Under the slogan “The fascination of time – bringing time to life”, the German Watch Museum Glashütte is not only bringing to life the long tradition of mechanical horology, but is also allowing you to engage emotionally with the phenomenon of time.

On two floors and over an exhibition area of 1000 m², more than 500 unique exhibits are presented and brought to life using multimedia. Glashütte pocket watches, pendulum clocks and wristwatches from various eras, marine chronometers, historical documents, tools and photographs are staged artistically.

Thematically, the exhibition consists of a series of “historical rooms”, “time rooms” and an exhibition workshop, framed by a prologue and an epilogue. The “historical rooms” deal with the historical context of the watchmaking town and introduce famous individuals and founding fathers who helped Glashütte become a stronghold of fine German horology. Throughout the exhibition, other eras that significantly shaped Glashütte are represented, such as the years of rapid industrial expansion, the First and Second World Wars, the era of disassembly and expropriation and the era of reunification and re-establishment. The “time rooms” interrupt the chronological sequence of Glashütte watchmaking history and lead the visitor off into exhibits like the microcosm of a mechanical watch, allowing them to experience the precision and interplay of hundreds of individual parts. A further multimedia “time room” containing an interactive glossary of timekeeping also invites guests to discover things for themselves.

Cover Journey through time

As a state-of-the-art world of time, the museum not only attracts watch enthusiasts but also makes a special effort to appeal to young people and families who would like to learn more about the secrets of timekeeping.

Dauerausstellung Raum „Jahre der Blüte“ Vielfalt der Glashütter Uhren

A glance into the exhibition rooms