Over time seconds become time. – Werner Mitsch

Precision pendulum clock Number 8

Präzisions-Pendeluhr Nummer 8. Strasser & Rohde, um 1880

Company: Strasser & Rohde, around 1880
Dimensions: 1815 x 530 x 330 mm | Weight 35 kg

Precision pendulum clock Number 8 with Graham escapement and wooden pendulum with zinc cylinder is one of the first clocks that the company “Strasser & Rohde” produced. The frosted glass dial is unsigned, as was often the case with early clocks. The little shelves on the side were put in later. Presumably, pocket watches could be placed on here to compare their rate with the pendulum clock.

The numerous unused bore holes on the plates suggest earlier electrical contacts. It is not impossible that parts from the Glashütte company “Otto Lindig” were sourced for early clocks.