The time ist female.

New special exhibition at the Watch Museum

A new special exhibition is currently on show at the German Watch Museum in Glashütte. Entitled “The time is female.”, this time the focus is on ladies’ watches and the role of women in connection with watches. Based on the German Watch Museum Glashütte’s own collection, the exhibition looks at two things: What is a ladies’ watch? What makes a watch a ladies’ watch? And: What role do women play in the watch? What influence have women exerted on the handling of time, on the watch and on the craft? At first glance, it is not easy to judge when a ladies’ watch is a ladies’ watch. Does the size alone make a watch a ladies’ watch? Is it the visual appearance? Or is it the way in which the watch is worn? The exhibition presents numerous examples from Glashütte and international production and provides a surprisingly simple answer to the question.